Future space articles

This article is a little teasing on future articles that I might write. After two articles on Kubernetes, I am going to switch to aerospace themed articles. Nonetheless, they will probably be fairly focused on software.

Since a few years, I am getting more interested in space. Of course, I watched Scott Manley’s videos, played KSP, etc. But nowadays I like to design missions or spacecrafts with back-of-the-envelope estimations, perform computations and simulations. I would love to even build a rocket some day.

So, here are some article ideas, which I will probably develop in the future, to share my knowledge.

Rocket Simulator series

  1. How does a rocket fly: a basic simulator
  2. Improving our rocket simulator: advanced guidance algorithm - how to reach a specific orbit
  3. Using KSP as a rocket simulator - run a headless KSP with the AutoLoadGame plugin to load a saved game and kRPC plugin to fly the spacecrafts

Reverse engineering RocketLab’s Electron rocket series

  1. Using basic public data (mass, thrust, payload, etc) - many information can be found in the Payload users guide, on Space launch report, from it’s business time’s webcast, etc
  2. Advanced analysis of the onboard camera video - it might be possible to determine the altitude of the rocket by analyzing the deformation of the ground

Misc articles

I will probably not follow exactly this plan, but I wanted to gather all my ideas in one place. Feel free to tell me which article you would me more interested in!

Stay tunned for more articles!