Hello, world!

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog since a long time, and I finally took the time to think about it and set up one. The only thing missing now is content!

Let me introduce myself and what my plans for this blog are (ie. what you might find here if you come back later). I will also quickly present the tech stack I am using, but I will probably make a more complete description in an upcoming article.

$ whoami

I am currently a French engineering student at ECE Paris, soon graduated (or maybe not, the future will tell).

I like programming and electronics (robotics being a convenient mix of the two): actually I like automated systems (both software and hardware), and if possible the higher it flies, the better. You might have guessed: I find rockets that land themselves pretty rad.

I like code that follows best practices: unit and integration tests, continuous integration and deployment, using tools such as linters, code coverage, formal proof, compile and run time analysis, etc. I am also concerned by security and confidentiality.

I prefer strongly over weakly typed languages: currently I mostly use C and Python, but I plan to learn Rust or maybe Scala or Go.

Although it is required when you start any project, I dislike anything related to UI: HTML/CSS, Javascript, Android, etc. I also hate startup bullshit.


I am not sure what I will write about, probably mainly tech tutorials and projet descriptions. We will see how it evolves.

Even if I am not fixed on what the content will be, my objectives should be very clear (and they are):

That is the plan. It might never be executed as planned, but I will do what I can. Hopefully I will write many useful articles, or maybe I will just leave this poor article alone.

Tech stack

This blog is hosted on the VPS I own from ARN.

It is a static site generated with Hugo. I wanted a flexible and non-JS generator: Hugo (written in Go) lets you determine everything about the hierarchy and naming pattern of your pages.

I wanted a simple and minimalist theme and support for categories or tags. I found Whiteplain to be perfectly suited.

I plan to set up an automated pipeline for deploying new content (using Kubernetes to deploy all the services hosted on my VPS with CI and CD), but for now I don’t have enough RAM, so I will wait.

Don’t hesitate to contact me

I was once a shy engineer with a pathological fear of annoying people by contacting them. I eventually got over it (some days more than others, to be totally honest), but notice the same tendency in a lot of young engineers and other folks interested in the software business. So, here we go.

This is a standing invitation: if you want to talk software, I want to talk to you.

Standing Invitation - Patrick McKenzie

My handle on most social networks and IM platforms is Nodraak. I strongly prefer email as a communication method.

Don’t hesitate to contact me by email or on Twitter: you should find up to date information here.